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Architectural Elements of Anderson Valley

Specializing in Redwood Wine Racks and Reclaimed Redwood and Products

Natural Beauty - Naturally Rustic


Text Box: Salvaged Fir Tables

The table top is made from a fir timber that was dismantled from a building and cut into planks and sits on reclaimed fir legs.


Text Box: Salvage Redwood Slab Tables

These tables are manufactured from the salvaged slabs which came from cull logs reclaimed from forests that were logged in the early 1900s.  Available in a variety of different bases.

Text Box:  Reclaimed Plank Tables

These tables come from reclaimed old growth redwood timbers.

Text Box: Recycled Redwood Tables

These tables are made from recycled redwood  boards.

Text Box: Reclaimed Redwood Wine Racks

These wine racks are made from reclaimed redwood boards and timbers.